New indoor community center

Bærum municipality together with Rodeo architects would like to invite you to a meeting about a new indoor community center at Fornebu.

The meeting will be held in English at Fornebupiloten on Saturday 3rd of February from 13:00-15:00.

The community center will be located in front of the Fornebu S shopping center and will house diverse religious functions along with culture, various activities and events.

We are in the process of mapping the needs local community has and what functions this new public building could provide.

We are in particular interested to hear from the international community at Fornebu.

Kan være en krusedull av kart og tekst som sier 'New community center at Fornebu! Fornebu S 心 ? Join us for a community meeting (held in English) and share your thoughts with us. Facebook event Date: Saturday 3rd February 2024 Time: 13:00-15:00 Place: Fornebupiloten, at Fornebu S'

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